Jul 07, 2009

The Shakti Mat - a Spike Mat for the Rest of Us


If you haven't already seen one, tried one, or at least heard about the Shakti mat - be prepared. This mat sold 300.000 pieces last year in Sweden alone. And now the inventor is ready for a world-wide launch.

The Shakti mat is a spike mat for us normal people, without prior knowledge of ancient traditions, yoga or meditation. The yoga type mat has an incredible 6000 points of contact for acupressure - placed in a perfect geometric pattern for your well being, as the inventor says on his web page. It can be used by children and adults, and is priced around $90.

Acupressure points

The Shakti Mat is said to efficiently treat the acupressure points and nerve endings along the spine. These are the same points used by an acupuncturer when treating with needles. The Shakti mat uses these same points on the body to dissolve all sorts of tension and release endorphins and oxytocine – knows as the happiness hormones.

In addition the Shakti Mat supposedly gives you a meditative and deep relaxation.

Spike mats in ancient history

The bed of nails is an ancient tool with its roots in Indian mysticism. With its origin, dating back thousands of years, the bed of nails is a well tested tool for healing the body and releasing emotional, physical and mental blockages. It has been use by Indian yogis (yoga practitioners) thoughout time to attain perfection of body and mind. The bed of nails was, on the contrary to popular belief, not a “macho toy” for the Indian fakir to prove resistance to pain. The true purpose of the bed of nails was misunderstood by media and the general public due to the seclusion and reticence of the yogis.

The Chinese scriptures which date back more than 4000 years tell us about treatments with nails to balance body and mind. No one knows for sure when the bed of nails was first used to heal the body and raise consciousness. An approximate estimate is at least several thousand years.

Swedish invention

The Shakti Mat was invented by a swede, now known by his indian name: Om Mokshanada.

Om Mokshanada had a past as a circus artist (acrobat and juggler), massage-therapist and Reiki healer. During one of his journeys to Asia, he came to find one of the most beautiful and harmonious places in Himalaya.

After having spent a long time in Himalaya, with practice in mysticism, yoga and meditation, he found that nothing is complete until also his fellow man can live in a sense of deep happiness. During the past few years he has focused exclusively on different yoga practices and meditations.

Created according to the 5000 year old Vedic tradition from India
He walked down from the mountain and created a bed of nails with the help of ancient Indian knowledge, so called Vedic wisdom which is approx. 5 000 – 7 000 years old.

The bed of nails was given the name Shakti, which means energy, power, creativity and compassion. This is something the inventor hopes it will give to all of us when using the Shakti mat.

I think this is a really cool thing - taking the ancient wisdom of the Indian yogi and presenting them to the rest of the world.

The story of the Shakti mat is old in origins, but the story of bringing it to the world has only just begun!

Kristoffer Sandven

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