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Drinking coffee is more than just inducing caffeine into your system. It’s so much more: Socially, historically, culturally.

People all over the world meet over a cup of coffee to socialize. And we’ve done it for centuries. In Norway, it’s impolite not to offer a visitor a cup of coffee. No matter if the visit was a wanted one or not ;) Coffee is a social mediator, something which makes the conversation run smoother and keeps you awake if it draws out…

That’s why I always say that coffee shop owners are not in the coffee business. They’re in the business of creating good times for people. They’re in the business of creating a mood. Oftentimes they’re the people who start the day for people. Or meet them in their busiest time of day. Or when they need to relax and get their mind off something.

If you’re a coffee shop owner, consider this fact again: You are not in the coffee business. And when you realize it’s true: Make your customers appreciate the fact that you know it.